A brainchild of Ashleigh that came to life back in 2016, working her magic as a UX designer in a bustling bank, noticed a common dilemma among her fellow developers. They were constantly munching on sugary treats like there's no tomorrow, only to hit a slump by 3 pm, resembling zombies. Despite their aspirations of hitting the gym during lunch breaks, they struggled with making healthier snack choices when time was tight.

Enter Snack Proud! Ashleigh realized the power of providing healthy snack options in the workplace. She introduced snack boxes filled with nutritious goodies, transforming the office kitchen into a hub of health and vitality. And guess what? It wasn't just about munching on carrots and celery sticks.

These snack boxes became more than just a convenient option; they became a catalyst for team bonding and positivity.

Clients soon caught wind of this genius idea. Having a snack box program in the office not only satisfied hunger pangs but also revitalized team connections in the most delicious way possible. It's amazing how something as simple as a healthy snack can brighten up the workday!

So, imagine this: you stroll into the office, greeted not only by your colleagues but also by a vibrant array of wholesome snacks waiting for you. Suddenly, coming back to work doesn't seem so bad after all. With a boost of energy from these nutritious treats, productivity soars, and that post-lunch slump becomes a thing of the past. Thank you, Snack Proud, for making workdays a little more delicious and a lot more productive!

Sips Sparkling is proud to partner with Snack Proud and offer workplaces this unique concept. To be partnered with a business that values premium, healthy, great tasting snacks and beverages is a great approach to promoting a positive workplace culture.

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