Sips Sparkling Water was created in Melbourne, Australia by husband-and-wife duo Jacqui and James McKay.

Born out of a love of ‘better for you’ foods, great design and hospitality, Sips Sparkling has quickly become one of Australia’s most beloved indie drinks brands.

All Sips Sparkling drinks are crafted in Melbourne using the finest local ingredients and distributed throughout the country and abroad by likeminded partners who share a passion for healthier, better tasting and better looking products. 

Sips Sparkling Water can be found at your favourite cafes, restaurants and bars around the nation as well as the local grocer down the street. 

You can find Sips at Woolworths Metro stores as well as select Coles stores.

"We're on a mission to quench Australia's thirst for something that is guaranteed to be clean and healthy. Naturally flavoured, sparkling water is the perfect drink for all occasions." 

It's water...for people doing things. 




Keen to try Sips Sparkling? We are available at the following locations Australia wide

Purchase Sips Sparkling on Amazon for delivery Australia-wide.

Purchase Sips Sparkling at your nearest Woolworths Metro store.

Purchase Sips Sparkling at your nearest Coles Local store.

Keen to have us in store? Discover our network of distributors to find one which best suits your business needs. Cheers to a sparkling partnership!

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Cartel & Co (grocery)

Riverina Fresh (café)

New South Wales

Cartel & Co (grocery)

Riverina Fresh (café)

Western Australia

Born Organic (grocery)

Kommunity Brewing (café and grocery)

South Australia

Ultimate Fine Foods (café and grocery)

Canberra and Tasmania

Cartel & Co (grocery)